For every new client you refer to us, you will be entitled to receive 10% of the revenue generated by your referral’s first treatment in the form of a service credit. (Credits are not valid towards Botox and/or Dermal Fillers).

When you refer a new client to us, let them know to provide your name as their source of referral when they book their first appointment. There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer and receive a bonus for your credit.Not valid on physician services, physician-directed services or injectables. No cash value.


VelaShape contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference. VelaShape provides dramatic results in as few as four sessions without downtime or significant discomfort.Learn more
Botox cosmetic is the only product of its kind that is directed at the facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles.Learn more
Although most Lasers used for Laser Hair Removal have a reputation to be extremely painful our lasers have a unique cooling system. Learn more
Laser Genesis is a technologically advanced treatment. For healthy and vibrant looking skin the Laser Genesis treatment gently heats the upper layer of the dermis.Learn more
Enhance your skin tone- naturally. Face, arms, abdomen- any skin type, any age. The Titan skin tightening system is safe and effective.Learn more
No more painful injections to get rid of unappealing veins. With our innovative Vein Removal Laser you can be done with both deep blue leg veins and tiny superficial face veins.Learn more
If redness, brown spots, sun damage or tiny veins bother you then our Limelight facial might be ideal for you. We are able to customize each treatment for different skin types, skin tones and aging conditions.Learn more
With microdermabrasion reveal younger. Healthy skin by experiencing our Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. We all want youthful skin, however, when we build dry, damaged and aged skin we cover the healthy skin up. Learn more
We are proudly presenting elos Plus system for the first time in North shore. elos is the first and only technology that uses combined energies (bi-polar radio frequency and light energies ) to effectively and gently restore and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.Learn more